The Best Toy Drones

September 30, 2016

The Best Toy Drones

When drone enthusiasts attach “toy” to any flying robot, it does not mean toys for kids and toddlers; rather, they are referring to a super fun and efficient aerial UAVs but less expensive. Toy drones are excellent entry points for newbies into the drone world. They are more affordable, and crashing does not inflict pain like a $1000 flying gadget. They do not offer superfluous and advanced features but are fun to fly for both adults and children hobbyist. To select the best toy drones for yourself, we will be suggesting few drones which are sold below $150.

  1. AIR HOGS STAR WARS ULTIMATE MILLENNIUM FALCON:Air hog is indeed air friendly. It amplifies the “fun” in flying a drone. It is an indoor flying robot that is entertaining to fly around. Built with Styrofoam which will not damage household furniture, this flying machine can be purchased in many online stores for $120. 
  2. HUBSAN X4 H107C:This is a stunt drone that can be flipped to any side while flying. It can be flown by both experienced and beginner flyers. It can be purchased for less than $50, and it is one of the best drones for kids
  3. SKY VIPER HD V950 VIDEO-DRONE:It delivers hobby and beginner level performance coupled with a body that doesn’t break easily from crashing. Installed with a video game-like controller that makes it easy to pilot, this drone is ideal for kids. Despite being one of the best camera drones, this drone can be gotten for just $90. 
  4. TRAXXAS 6608 LATRAX ALIAS QUAD-ROTOR RTF HELI:This is a product of one of the best toy drone maker. It is very easy to fly with four rotors for power. It charges fast and can speed close to 10-minute in the air. You can use AAA batteries and is sold for under $100
  5. UTO DRONE U960 (MJX X600) HEXACOPTER:This is ideal for beginners who are learning to fly in FPV. The mounted camera can stream live video to the app on your mobile device. It can also record 8-minute of flight time and the battery can be fully charged in 2-hours. You can get this flying toy for $90. 
  6. UDI U818A UPGRADED VERSION 2.4GHZ QUADCOPTER WITH CAMERA:It debuts as one of the toy drones with the best camera. It can record photo shoots at 640p. With a flight time ranging between 7 to 9-Minute, this drone can be charged fully within 2hours. At $100, it is a good deal for an entry-level drone. 
  7. HELI-MAX 1SQ RTF QUADCOPTER WITH 2.4GHZ RADIO:It uses four independently controlled rotors to fly, and the Triple Axis Gyro Stabilization makes it ideal for both outdoor and indoor purposes. Despite being without an in-built camera, this flying machine flies incredibly well for its standard. Amazon sells it for around $94.
  8. SYMA X5C:With a sporty glossy white finish, this drone is one of Amazon’s best-selling RC drones. The 100-minute fully charged drone would run of power in 7-minute of flight time. It is controllable up to 50m and equipped with an HD camera that records 720p video. With room for Micro SD card, this flying toy is affordable at $70. 

If you want to buy a toy drone for your tech-savvy kids, you need to consider any of the toy drones mentioned above so that they will always be proud of you. 

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