Top 10 Racing Drones


Top 10 Racing Drones

Drones are changing many aspects of our already complex life, offering us exhilarating fun, aerial appeal, and precision in carrying out a variety of task. UAVs are now extending into another aspect of our culture. This includes sport via drone racing which has been tagged the sport of the future by several sports enthusiasts. For this new purpose, we’ll recommend 10 of the best drones for this new sport, emphasizing on their strength and speed. 

  1. HUBSAN X4 H107D: This would be the best starter pack for you as a newbie to drone racing. It’s very affordable, costing around $115. This flying machine might not be considered a serious racing robot, but it is what you need to be a serious racer. 
  2. BLADE FPV NANO QX: This is another beginner’s flying machine. It will not fly like a dragon but will give you a real FPV experience. It is one of the few affordable quadcopter drones with flying goggles. You can get this racing drone for $300
  3. WALKERA RUNNER 250: This is the first serious racing drone on this list, and it is in the 250mm class. Reaching a speed of 40km/hr and designed using a strong carbon fiber material to ensure durability, this drone is ideal for racing. The total package is sold at about $750. 
  4. LUMINIER 610 QAV250: This is a small but capable flying racer for experienced users. It has a reliable flying option with a proven track record. The RTF option is assembled and sold for $550 without a transmitter and FPV gear. 
  5. STORM RACING DRON TYPE A: An excellent choice for experienced racers seeking high performance, customization, and durability. Despite being an RTF model, this drone still provides options for tweaking. It is equipped with some of the most powerful motors. It is available for just $360 without goggles.
  6. BLADE MACH 25 FPV: This is an RTF model which comes fully equipped with many racing features. You can get this flying robot at $349.99 and its frame is built with a carbon fiber. It can fly as high as 100ft, and it is one of the best looking flying machine today.
  7. WALKERA F210 PROFESSIONAL RACER: This is another Walkera racer to make the list has a unique 700TVL camera designed for night vision. This means that you can fly at night. The DEVO7 enhance superior transmission capabilities. You can buy it on Amazon for $469. Though strange looking, it is a beast racer.
  8. EACHINE RACER 250 FPV QUADCOPTER: Equipped with a 1000TVL which is best for night vision, this racing dragon is a power runner with it quad 2300Kv motors. You can race this for a mile, and you won’t need goggles with it, 7-Inch monitor. 
  9. IMMERSIONRC VORTEX 250 PRO: This is the only racing drone in direct competition with our number 10 racer. It is a quad copter with three propellers, which enhance it to be more power and which helps it to deliver a crisper flight. You can acquire a Vortex for around $580.
  10. TBS VENDETTA: This is specifically designed for FPV racing and freestyling. It is a power racer that can reach within 70-100Mph. It is a drone that is hard to break due to its quality build and design.  

As a racer, if you want to be the leader of the racing pack, you must own one of these drones. Racing is an emerging real and intense sport. And making yourself stand out from the pack can be through only constant practice with any of the above racing drones. 

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