What Are the Commercial Uses of Drones?

September 30, 2016

What Are the Commercial Uses of Drones?

Drones used to be mainly for military purposes. But, today, many people outside the military have realized that they can be much more used as camera surveillance and war weapons. Little wonder, top drone manufacturing companies like DJI and Parrot have switched attention to the production of commercial drones in large number. In this article, we've identified top commercial uses of drones such as soil analysis, photography, public safety, and internet connectivity. 

Soil analysis

One of the biggest concerns of many farmers is how to monitor the growth of their crops, especially on an expanse of land. The good news is that, with the cutting-edge drone technology, you can easily carry out soil analysis before planting the seeds. In addition, the flying machines can help you supply relevant data for irrigation and nitrogen level management. After the necessary analysis, the drone sensors can help you to identify why your crops need additional moisture.


If you're into professional photography, you would want to explore jaw-dropping sights that can mesmerize people. Places like the top of Kilimanjaro or beautiful scenes from zip lining with waterfalls may interest you. But the problem is, how far can you go to be able to take a footage of these amazing scenes? Well, you have no need to worry anymore. With the invention of super-tech drones, taking aerial shots of lofty places have been demystified. With only a click of a button, you can capture just any scene. As such, your commercial use of drones not only enhances your experience but also boosts your business. 

Public safety 

For those who think that drones are only meant for fun or can only be used by the military, just take a walk to emergency scenes. And you will be amazed at how relevant the flying robots can be used to save lives. Because the public safety departments in most countries in Europe have realized this, they’re planning to purchase more drones for emergency purposes. Do you know why drones are so important for search-and-rescue activities? It is because the flying machines are not only safe and reliable to use in hazardous situations, but they are also economical. When deployed to, let’s say, a scene of fire outrage, the flying robots can collect real-time data and send it via the internet to the firefighting center. This information helps the rescue team to know the urgency of the situation and what resources to deploy. As you can see, rather than wasting your time and resources on securing your properties, the job of keeping the public safe has become easy and fast. 

Internet connectivity

If there is any commercial use of drones that are worthy to be mentioned, it is that it can be used for internet services. One wonders what a life without the internet looks like! In every facet of our day-to-day activities today, the internet is relevant. Is it banking, education or business you want to talk about? Needless to say, the internet has shaped our world in magnificent ways. So, with a Wi-Fi-enabled drone, the level of what you can achieve cannot be quantified. Little wonder that Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg decided to acquire this solar-powered drone. Many people have observed that he planned to use the flying machine to power his Internet.org initiative. In sum, drones matter.

Drones are as relevant to our society today as the internet is to our businesses. Whether you plan to use them for agriculture, photography, public service or internet services, the importance of commercial uses of drones cannot be overemphasized. 




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