Which Drones Have the Best Cameras?

September 30, 2016 2 Comments

Which Drones Have the Best Cameras?

Of all the great features of drones out there, most people value drones that have good and sophisticated cameras. This is not just because they love cameras but also because they believe that drones with the best cameras will be the most suitable for them or their businesses. But the problem is, with an amazing number of drones in the market presently, they will find it somewhat difficult to choose the flying machines that have the best camera quality. So, if you are among those people, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we have helped you to compile a list of drones with the best cameras. 

DJI phantom 4

When we talk of drones with a revolutionary camera, the DJI Phantom 4is unrivalled. In fact, in Dronomag's list of the best drone companies, DJI ranks number one. They're particularly renowned for producing stellar quality cameras. So if you're looking for a drone with killer videography features such as a jaw-dropping HD camera that can shoot an astoundingly sharp video up to 4k at 30fps and an HD slow motion video of 1080p at 120fps, try DJI Phantom 4. In addition, its aspherical lens allows you to dramatically enhance the camera sharpness with an FOV at 94°. This reduces distortion and chromatic aberration by 36% and 56% respectively. What about its pictures? With its hyper vocal length of 1 metre with pin-sharp focus, objects far away have never been so close! And with a whopping 12mp, you're assured of the best image quality ever. Even when your drone is in the air and vibrating due to its movement, you don't have to worry about whether the camera will produce smooth and fluid footage because its high-performance 3-axis precision gimbal has taken care of that. Moreover, it comes with a very effective post-production feature with 10 different colour profiles and Vivid and Cine-D and D-log Modes that enable you to amplify colour and contrast to create an incredibly cinematic footage. 

Yuneec Q500 4k 

This is yet another drone with the best camera integration. Incorporated with a sophisticated camera system, the Yuneec Q500 4k can produce images with incredible detail in 4k at 30fps and can shoot a slow motion picture of 1080p at 120fps. And with its 12mp, you can create bright selfie photos that speak volume. Also, its user-controlled video resolution with light exposure and white balance is superb. Using its powerful steady-grip function and its Ultra-Definition video camera, you'll have a seamless experience taking a professional video footage. Besides, using a mobile device of 6.4 screen size, you can get a precise camera angle on the go with various settings without any distortion. 

Parrot AR Drone 3.0

Also known as Parrot Bebop Drone, the Parrot's newest drone is phenomenal in terms of camera quality, too. With its stunning 14mp and full HD fisheye camera that is stabilised on 3-axis of a 180° field, it beats all other drones in the market hands down. The camera is not only sharp and clear; it's also stabilised and standard for professional videography. The Parrot AR Drone 3.0 is an ultra-light drone with available ultrasound sensor that makes it possible for you to shoot aerial pictures of 8 metre reach, as if you've been doing it for so long! What about the lens? Yes, it's splash and dust proof, so no worries when it rains or is dusty. 

Now that you have the list you've been waiting for, you should be able to make an informed decision about which camera-centric drone is the best. Depending on whether your quest is for business or recreation, the choice is all yours to decide which drones can satisfy your needs. 


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January 12, 2017

I don’t own a drone myself but I have rented both the Phantom 4 and the Parrot AR off Fat Lama. I work for a productions company and we were shooting an ad. I have to say both cameras are super crisp. They can both deliver the highest of 4K videos, extremely stable. One thing I didn’t know about was the slow motion HD video with the phantom. Bummed I didn’t try that out. From a drone ‘newbie’ both are pretty amazing. Haven’t tried to Yuneec. But i’m not the expert, listen to these guys they know what they are talking about!

Cheers for the review, was epic!


January 10, 2017

I have made few films using Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon drone, as it captures 4k videos even in low light the quality is great. Thanks though for the tips surely it will help making our next video and film production pro.

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