X-Star Premium vs DJI Phantom 4


The world is experiencing an avalanche of innovations. It is not any different when you talk about drones. Innovation has led to the rise and fall of various types of types of drones. At every point in time, there are a few models that stand out from the pack in every aspect of flying and continue to dominate the skies. Among these are the DJI Phantom 4 and Autel Robotics X-Star Premium.

We want to make a comparison of these two exceptional quadcopters. They share some similar features but also unique features that are regarding performance. As you will see, they both offer excellent value for money. If you are ready, let’s begin the comparison!


X-Star Premium DroneBoth drones have a sleek body design which indicates that a lot of attention was given to the minutest details. The Phantom 4 flies majestically in its white color and flashing light, while the X-Star Premium cruises the skies in its flashy orange color. Their weight however differs. While the Phantom 4 weighs about 3 lbs, the X-Star weighs about 3.1 lbs. The DJI Phantom 4 –unlike the X-Star- has a magnesium skeleton that reduces its overall weight and maintains high level of stiffness to reduce vibrations.


They both offer more than 20 minutes of flying time without payloads. The DJI Phantom provides slightly better time flight of 28 minutes than the 25 minutes offered by the X-Star Premium. The flight time decreases if you attach their respective payload. One thing drone users will agree to is that the longer time flight can be helpful while shooting in remote areas.


DJI Phantom 4This is one of the main features drone users look out for. Their aerial video from above is breathtaking, and the images are of high quality. They both feature 12MP camera. The camera on the Phantom 4 has a 1-inch CMOS sensor, mechanical shutter and an aperture which can be adjusted from f/28 to f/11 which an FOV comparable to 24mm lens. The FOV on the X-Star offers a 108-degree FOV. X-Star, however, has an advantage due to its removable camera. As a result of this, you can now equip your UAV with the upgraded version of the two cameras that Autel Robotics is rolling out.


The average payload weight that UAVs can carry is about 800 grams (1.76 pounds). The DJI Phantom 4 can carry up to 1.02 pounds whereas the X-Star has its limit at 0.40lb. You must also remember that these quadcopters are not designed to carry custom payload.


The Phantom 4 is equipped with Vision Positioning System (VPS) which is not available on X-Star. You will need this feature if you intend to fly indoors or areas GPS is hard to get. The reason is that the Phantom 4 has full collision sensors all around. This makes it possible to avoid any obstacle on its path during flight.


The DJI Phantom can operate from a range of 3 miles. It by far exceeds the operational range of the X-Star Premium which maxes out at about 1.25 miles.


The battery is another trait that is worth our consideration. The DJI Phantom has a battery capacity of 6000 mAh (approximately 28 minutes) and an average charge time of 1 hour. ON THE OTHER HAND, The X-Star Premium has a battery capacity of 4900mAh (about 25 minutes) and an average charge time of 1 hour, 30 minutes.


Both drones are technologically sophisticated in their own ways. But you can judge that the DJI Phantom seems to have some better features than the X-Star Premium. The X-Star, however, has to its credit its removable cameras. This means if there is an upgrade, you can just buy the new cameras unlike the DJI Phantom 4 where you have to buy a new UAV.  

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  • Adee Bhat
Comments 2
  • Mark

    If you ever have to deal with customer service for the Phantom (DJI makes it), you’ll buy from someplace other than DJI. Customer service matters.

  • Philippe Allaire
    Philippe Allaire

    Autel wins hands down, great review but it’s easy to decide for me lol, I also ended up making a review on just the autel drone itself here https://www.fullydroned.com/autel-x-star-premium/, and I ended up grabbing on these drones myself which im in the middle on making a video on!

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