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DJI Phantom Financing

Another DJI Phantom drone is finally out. The reviews you’ve read online are great. The DJI Phantom is simply one you must purchase. But if you cannot afford it, how else can you own it without waiting for months to save up? Well, you can explore the DJI Phantom financing option.

DJI Phantom financing is a method that enables you own a drone while paying off the loan sum gradually. What you need to do is to approach a drone company that can help you with your DJI Phantom financing. The company pays the cost of the drone on your behalf. But you have to pay the company back in instalments. The company will have payments plan for you to choose from. The payment plan entails you paying a certain amount every month. Ensure the amount is one you can afford.

Hence, DJI Phantom financing is having a company pay off the amount of the drone for you. Then you pay the company back. You’ll also have to pay interest on the loan sum. The interest could be 10% of the loan sum. DJI Phantom financing is a great way of owning a drone if you cannot afford the amount. Not a lot of companies can help with DJI Phantom financing. However, here are some great ones that will help:

Space City Drones

Apart from being a specialist in drone repairs, Space City Drones has offered drone financing and drone payment for people and business for years.. Space City Drones allows you to apply online for financing in less than thirty seconds. There are many payment options you can opt for. There’s a three-month payment option, six-month payment option, and a yearly payment option. Also, you don’t have to wait for a long time for the financing documents. All you have to do is you sign up and wait for confirmation of your details. Afterwards, the DJI Phantom financing documents will be shipped to you. So, in less than two weeks that drone of your dreams will be with you.


DroneNerds allows you to finance your drone payments for as little as $132 for a drone that costs $1,500. If that’s one of their deals, we surely wonder how many more they have because this one is great! Great rates are not all DroneNerds has to offer. They will also deliver your product for free as long as your order is above $500. DroneNerds are also specialists in DJI Phantom repairs. So if your DJI Phantom develops a fault, you know where to go.

Drones Etc

If you’re looking for the lowest financing options for your DJI Phantom, Drones Etc is the best company to go to. Drones Etc offer as little as $80 per month based on the type of drone you buy. The amount depends on whether your DJI Phantom is a single remote bundle or a dual remote bundle. But whichever it is, Drone Etc offers very low prices you should consider.

In a Nut Shell

The best way to own a drone if you cannot afford it is to explore financing options. There are many different companies with lots of plans you can choose from. The most important thing you should focus on is your ability to meet up with payments. Only accept financing rates you are comfortable with. Sign the financing application. And start enjoying your drone while paying the loan sum.

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As a result of Hurricane, there will likely be significant recovery efforts and the FAA may issue flight restrictions in the vicinity of disaster areas. During response operations to Hurricane Matthew, authorized aircraft may be flying at very low altitudes over affected areas. 


Unauthorized UAS or drone operations may prevent other aircraft from performing life-saving missions and increase the risk of mid-air collision. Anyone, including hobbyist or recreational fliers, who interferes with disaster response efforts is subject to civil penalties of up to $32,140 per violation and possible criminal prosecution. 


Unmanned aircraft system (UAS) or drone operators are responsible for checking applicable flight restrictions before operating and must not interfere with any aircraft assisting in hurricane disaster response operations, regardless if there is a flight restriction in place or not. 


Drone operators may obtain information about posted flight restrictions by using the FAA’s B4UFLY mobile app or by checking the FAA’s website:


UAS or drone operators supporting disaster response operations must be approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) prior to operating. Operators may seek approval by following these steps:

  1. The operator must secure support from a governmental entity, and the operation must directly contribute to the response, relief, or recovery effort.
  2. After completing step 1, the operator must contact the FAA’s Systems Operations Support Center (SOSC) at 202-267-8276for assistance.
  3. After calling the SOSC, the operator must also send the request via email to
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Which Drones Have the Best Cameras? 2

Which Drones Have the Best Cameras?

Of all the great features of drones out there, most people value drones that have good and sophisticated cameras. This is not just because they love cameras but also because they believe that drones with the best cameras will be the most suitable for them or their businesses. But the problem is, with an amazing number of drones in the market presently, they will find it somewhat difficult to choose the flying machines that have the best camera quality. So, if you are among those people, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we have helped you to compile a list of drones with the best cameras. 

DJI phantom 4

When we talk of drones with a revolutionary camera, the DJI Phantom 4 is unrivalled. In fact, in Dronomag's list of the best drone companies, DJI ranks number one. They're particularly renowned for producing stellar quality cameras. So if you're looking for a drone with killer videography features such as a jaw-dropping HD camera that can shoot an astoundingly sharp video up to 4k at 30fps and an HD slow motion video of 1080p at 120fps, try DJI Phantom 4. In addition, its aspherical lens allows you to dramatically enhance the camera sharpness with an FOV at 94°. This reduces distortion and chromatic aberration by 36% and 56% respectively. What about its pictures? With its hyper vocal length of 1 metre with pin-sharp focus, objects far away have never been so close! And with a whopping 12mp, you're assured of the best image quality ever. Even when your drone is in the air and vibrating due to its movement, you don't have to worry about whether the camera will produce smooth and fluid footage because its high-performance 3-axis precision gimbal has taken care of that. Moreover, it comes with a very effective post-production feature with 10 different colour profiles and Vivid and Cine-D and D-log Modes that enable you to amplify colour and contrast to create an incredibly cinematic footage. 

Yuneec Q500 4k 

This is yet another drone with the best camera integration. Incorporated with a sophisticated camera system, the Yuneec Q500 4k can produce images with incredible detail in 4k at 30fps and can shoot a slow motion picture of 1080p at 120fps. And with its 12mp, you can create bright selfie photos that speak volume. Also, its user-controlled video resolution with light exposure and white balance is superb. Using its powerful steady-grip function and its Ultra-Definition video camera, you'll have a seamless experience taking a professional video footage. Besides, using a mobile device of 6.4 screen size, you can get a precise camera angle on the go with various settings without any distortion. 

Parrot AR Drone 3.0

Also known as Parrot Bebop Drone, the Parrot's newest drone is phenomenal in terms of camera quality, too. With its stunning 14mp and full HD fisheye camera that is stabilised on 3-axis of a 180° field, it beats all other drones in the market hands down. The camera is not only sharp and clear; it's also stabilised and standard for professional videography. The Parrot AR Drone 3.0 is an ultra-light drone with available ultrasound sensor that makes it possible for you to shoot aerial pictures of 8 metre reach, as if you've been doing it for so long! What about the lens? Yes, it's splash and dust proof, so no worries when it rains or is dusty. 

Now that you have the list you've been waiting for, you should be able to make an informed decision about which camera-centric drone is the best. Depending on whether your quest is for business or recreation, the choice is all yours to decide which drones can satisfy your needs. 


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What Are the Commercial Uses of Drones? 0

What Are the Commercial Uses of Drones?

Drones used to be mainly for military purposes. But, today, many people outside the military have realized that they can be much more used as camera surveillance and war weapons. Little wonder, top drone manufacturing companies like DJI and Parrot have switched attention to the production of commercial drones in large number. In this article, we've identified top commercial uses of drones such as soil analysis, photography, public safety, and internet connectivity. 

Soil analysis

One of the biggest concerns of many farmers is how to monitor the growth of their crops, especially on an expanse of land. The good news is that, with the cutting-edge drone technology, you can easily carry out soil analysis before planting the seeds. In addition, the flying machines can help you supply relevant data for irrigation and nitrogen level management. After the necessary analysis, the drone sensors can help you to identify why your crops need additional moisture.


If you're into professional photography, you would want to explore jaw-dropping sights that can mesmerize people. Places like the top of Kilimanjaro or beautiful scenes from zip lining with waterfalls may interest you. But the problem is, how far can you go to be able to take a footage of these amazing scenes? Well, you have no need to worry anymore. With the invention of super-tech drones, taking aerial shots of lofty places have been demystified. With only a click of a button, you can capture just any scene. As such, your commercial use of drones not only enhances your experience but also boosts your business. 

Public safety 

For those who think that drones are only meant for fun or can only be used by the military, just take a walk to emergency scenes. And you will be amazed at how relevant the flying robots can be used to save lives. Because the public safety departments in most countries in Europe have realized this, they’re planning to purchase more drones for emergency purposes. Do you know why drones are so important for search-and-rescue activities? It is because the flying machines are not only safe and reliable to use in hazardous situations, but they are also economical. When deployed to, let’s say, a scene of fire outrage, the flying robots can collect real-time data and send it via the internet to the firefighting center. This information helps the rescue team to know the urgency of the situation and what resources to deploy. As you can see, rather than wasting your time and resources on securing your properties, the job of keeping the public safe has become easy and fast. 

Internet connectivity

If there is any commercial use of drones that are worthy to be mentioned, it is that it can be used for internet services. One wonders what a life without the internet looks like! In every facet of our day-to-day activities today, the internet is relevant. Is it banking, education or business you want to talk about? Needless to say, the internet has shaped our world in magnificent ways. So, with a Wi-Fi-enabled drone, the level of what you can achieve cannot be quantified. Little wonder that Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg decided to acquire this solar-powered drone. Many people have observed that he planned to use the flying machine to power his initiative. In sum, drones matter.

Drones are as relevant to our society today as the internet is to our businesses. Whether you plan to use them for agriculture, photography, public service or internet services, the importance of commercial uses of drones cannot be overemphasized. 




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Top 10 Racing Drones 0

Top 10 Racing Drones

Drones are changing many aspects of our already complex life, offering us exhilarating fun, aerial appeal, and precision in carrying out a variety of task. UAVs are now extending into another aspect of our culture. This includes sport via drone racing which has been tagged the sport of the future by several sports enthusiasts. For this new purpose, we’ll recommend 10 of the best drones for this new sport, emphasizing on their strength and speed. 

  1. HUBSAN X4 H107D: This would be the best starter pack for you as a newbie to drone racing. It’s very affordable, costing around $115. This flying machine might not be considered a serious racing robot, but it is what you need to be a serious racer. 
  2. BLADE FPV NANO QX: This is another beginner’s flying machine. It will not fly like a dragon but will give you a real FPV experience. It is one of the few affordable quadcopter drones with flying goggles. You can get this racing drone for $300
  3. WALKERA RUNNER 250: This is the first serious racing drone on this list, and it is in the 250mm class. Reaching a speed of 40km/hr and designed using a strong carbon fiber material to ensure durability, this drone is ideal for racing. The total package is sold at about $750. 
  4. LUMINIER 610 QAV250: This is a small but capable flying racer for experienced users. It has a reliable flying option with a proven track record. The RTF option is assembled and sold for $550 without a transmitter and FPV gear. 
  5. STORM RACING DRON TYPE A: An excellent choice for experienced racers seeking high performance, customization, and durability. Despite being an RTF model, this drone still provides options for tweaking. It is equipped with some of the most powerful motors. It is available for just $360 without goggles.
  6. BLADE MACH 25 FPV: This is an RTF model which comes fully equipped with many racing features. You can get this flying robot at $349.99 and its frame is built with a carbon fiber. It can fly as high as 100ft, and it is one of the best looking flying machine today.
  7. WALKERA F210 PROFESSIONAL RACER: This is another Walkera racer to make the list has a unique 700TVL camera designed for night vision. This means that you can fly at night. The DEVO7 enhance superior transmission capabilities. You can buy it on Amazon for $469. Though strange looking, it is a beast racer.
  8. EACHINE RACER 250 FPV QUADCOPTER: Equipped with a 1000TVL which is best for night vision, this racing dragon is a power runner with it quad 2300Kv motors. You can race this for a mile, and you won’t need goggles with it, 7-Inch monitor. 
  9. IMMERSIONRC VORTEX 250 PRO: This is the only racing drone in direct competition with our number 10 racer. It is a quad copter with three propellers, which enhance it to be more power and which helps it to deliver a crisper flight. You can acquire a Vortex for around $580.
  10. TBS VENDETTA: This is specifically designed for FPV racing and freestyling. It is a power racer that can reach within 70-100Mph. It is a drone that is hard to break due to its quality build and design.  

As a racer, if you want to be the leader of the racing pack, you must own one of these drones. Racing is an emerging real and intense sport. And making yourself stand out from the pack can be through only constant practice with any of the above racing drones. 

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