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If you were asked about drones a few years back, you probably would be thinking of a Sci-Fi movie like Star Wars. But right now, drones aren’t just those machines in the Star Wars movie or aircrafts that the CIA sometimes uses in air warfare. Drones have become a fundamental part of our everyday life. From helping companies with deliveries to their use in aerial photography; drones have become quite valuable for both personal and commercial use.

With this increasing popularity and use of drones comes the increasing tendency for these machines to encounter certain problems. Crashes, flyaway, personal and third party injuries are some of the perils that come with drone technology. This explains why every drone owner should have their aircraft insured. Importantly, this isn’t just a mere obligation that you routinely tick off your checklist; your drone should have a comprehensive insurance cover that best suits your need.


Before you decide which drone insurance package that can meet your needs, there are some questions that you need to ask yourself. Without further ado, below are some of those questions.

Is the insurance package comprehensive?

An ideal drone insurance policy should cover both damages and claims to third parties as well as damages to your drone. Some packages cover just damages to the drone or drone parts; however, you should choose a cover that accounts for third party liability.

How much of liability is being covered?

A company like DJI covers up to $1million in liability when you pay as little as $600-$800 per year. Also, if you’re a member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA), your club membership automatically includes liability insurance. However, the best drone insurance isn’t necessarily the one that offers you the best cover in terms of liability. For example, an AMA’s liability insurance doesn’t cover damages related to commercial activities.

Is the insurance package for commercial or recreational drones?

An insurance cover like the one offered by Insure4drones is tailored for drones used specifically for commercial activities. They do not provide insurance cover for unregistered drones. Also, recreational drone operators can take advantage of some good insurance packages that don’t cost too much. These include packages provided by the likes of IDRA and Drones Etc which cost only $165 and $130 respectively per year depending on the value of the drone and the duration of the coverage.


We’ve compiled a list of insurance companies that provide the best drone insurance. This list is based on recommendations by experts in drone industry as well as reviews from drone operators based on their experiences.

Consumer Priority Services (

Here at Drones Etc. we proudly sell drone insurance to our customers from CPS.  They offer coverage for unintentional damages to your drones as a result of: impact or dropping, liquid damage or unintentional physical damage. More can be found here on our Drone Insurance page.

For those professional and commercial pilots, you may be looking for liability coverage.

AVION Insurance

AVION offers comprehensive insurance coverage including aircraft liability and physical damage. Sometimes, the criminal liability associated with a drone hurting someone could be very severe if the operator has no insurance cover. In the case, AVION is an ideal company providing adequate coverage on such damages.


AIG is one of the top insurance companies in the world. Recently, they included drone insurance as part of their insurance coverage. Their package is quite comprehensive and very flexible to meet your specific need. You can request a quote from their website.


Their insurance coverage is called DJI Care Refresh. It offers coverage of you aircraft, the gimbal as well as the camera. DJI will replace you damaged drone or drone parts and these will be shipped to you at no cost. However, one drawback of this package is it doesn’t cover third party liability.


This is the largest and one of the best providers of commercial drone insurance in the world. So if you’re an individual or a company looking for the best insurance for your drone or fleet of drones, then we think you should consider Coverdrone’s insurance package.


For those looking for on-demand insurance coverage rather than the traditional insurance package, one ideal option is Verifly. The insurance package by Verifly covers up to $10 million in liabilities when you pay as little as $10 per flight hour.


It doesn’t really matter what you use your drone for, there’s certainly an ideal insurance coverage for you. You can visit the website of any of these top insurance companies to request a quote and to get the specific details of their insurance packages.


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  • Jason Pedersen