CPS Drone Insurance Review


Drones are quite an expensive piece of equipment. If you have been flying your drone –either for commercial purposes or recreation – for some time, you will readily agree that accidents can happen. They can suddenly occur out of the blues and within the twinkling of an eye leaving you frustrated.

Consequently, you may have been considering getting your drone insured from accidental damages. Getting the right cover is important, but it can be an onerous task. While there are many policies out there, one of the best insurance covers you can find is CPS Drone Insurance.


You may be wondering why we picked CPS Drone Insurance and what makes it stand out. Well, we have a lot of reasons. Here are some of the features of the CPS Drone Insurance that we have found to be amazing.

The Scope of Insurance Coverage

CPS Drone insurance covers all the damages that occur from crashes, water or moisture damage, impact damage, etc. It also includes all the parts and labor on internal and hardware failure.

Transference of Warranty

If you are buying a drone with CPS Insurance directly from an individual, you also acquire the warranty that comes with it. You can transfer the insurance cover on the drone whenever the drone is sold. All you need is to do the transfer through the CPS Customer Experience Department for $25.00.

Unlimited Claims

While this seems too good to be true, you can file for unlimited claims for the repair of your drone which is covered under the insurance policy. This will, however, cease when the repair cost reaches the original price of the product.

Filing for Claims with CPS Drone Insurance is Easy

If your insured drone is involved in an accident or suffers from malfunctioning, you can easily file for claims by:

  • Making use of the client care account on their website
  • Sending them an email via cs@cpscentral.com
  • Calling the CPS customer service department at 1-800-905-0443

Whichever channel you decide to use, we have found their customer service response to be friendly and incredibly fast.

What About Batteries and Remotes?

If your batteries are damaged due to water or impact, CPS Drone Insurance has got you covered.  Not only that, but the remote of your drone is also protected from any malfunction or accidental damage claims.

CPS Insurance Coverage Details

Below is a list of what the insurance policy entails:

  • Covers impact damage and malfunctions
  • Covers liquid/moisture damage
  • Covers drone and remote controls
  • Unlimited claims
  • Fully renewable, Fully transferable
  • Contract starts from the date of purchase
  • 100% comprehensive parts and labor protection
  • Full international coverage wherever you are


Deductibles are based on the purchase price of the drone. As at the time of this review, deductibles are as follows

Purchase price                                         Deductible

$100                                                         $35

$100 - $249.99                                         $50

$250 - $499.99                                         $75

$500 - $749.99                                          $100

$750 - $999.99                                          $150

$1000 - $2999.99                                    $200

$3000 - $3499.99                                     $250

$3500 –  $4999.99                                   $500


Taking an insurance policy can save you lots of cash, protect you from being stranded and give you peace of mind that you are covered from all drone accidental damage. And based on our assessment of the various insurance policies up for your taking, we recommend the CPS Drone Insurance for your Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV).  

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