HPRC Wheeled Hard Case for DJI Phantom 3



The HPRC2700WPHA3 Wheeled Hard Case for the DJI Phantom 3 comes with custom foam for the Phantom 3 along with a built in retractable handle. The HPRC hard case is designed with wheels to make traveling easier and is built to be  impact and drop resistant, corrosion resistant, and features a neoprene seal that when properly closed is designed to keep the case watertight and your Phantom gear protected even if submerged in shallow water. A release valve allows you to equalize air pressure when traveling between different elevations. 

The DJI Phantom 3 Hard Case Features:
·           Custom Foam for DJI Phantom 3 Professional and Advanced
·           Wheeled Design with Retractable Handle
·           Holds Assembled Quadcopter with Props
·           Holds Transmitter with Mobile Device Holder
·           Holds Charger, 4 Spare Batteries, Cables, GoPro
·           Holds 7”/10” monitor and Ipad Mini/Ipad Air
·           Holds a Kit of Spare Props
·           Impact Resistant/Watertight Hardshell
·           Meets ATA 300 Travel Specifications

·           Limited Lifetime Warranty