About Us

Drones Etc. is the #1 Most Trusted Online store for all things Drone.  We are a full service Drone store offering the best that the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and RC Hobby world have to offer.  We are the preferred dealer for DJI, the #1 manufacturer of aerial photography Drones worldwide.  We also offer Cinema and Aerial Drone packages and bundles for the beginner, the amateur and the professional.   We pride ourselves in our unparalleled customer service, full warranty and repair center.  We stand behind every product we sell and will "bend over backwards" to keep our customers happy.  

Drones Etc. was founded in early 2013 that quickly grew to be one of the biggest stores for all things Drone and even went on to win the prestigious Shopify Build a Business competition in 2014.

Meet the Owner, Jason Pedersen

Jason Pedersen lives in beautiful Heber City, with his wife and 4 kids, two dogs, a big garden, and lots of chickens and ducks, turkeys, a tortoise, and a partridge in a pear tree.

A born entrepreneur, Jason currently leads multiple companies.

Jason Pedersen of UtahIn 2007, he left his full-time job as a web designer and medical-software programmer to take on individual clients in need of EMR template development. Although it was meant as an interim solution while his family relocated, he quickly discovered that this market had a need for quality, professional developers that medical practices and physicians could count on.  In response, he began to build EMR Template Experts, which later became Incerio.  Within 5 years, Incerio had grown to $1.3 million in annual revenue with 15 staff members made up of certified NextGen professionals working as contractors for Incerio and clients, serving big name medical corporations such as Intuit, Hanger Orthotics, and Pfizer. Incerio has become a trusted name in EHR, as one of the leading professional firms in the industry.

Sprung from a need, The BOSS-SEO came next.  Jason began researching search engine optimization strategies as a way to help keep his thriving medical software development firm on top of the search engines, once competition in the field began to put the pressure on. After extensive study, endless courses, diligent practice, trial and error, and social media forum interaction, Jason not only was able to keep his medical software development firm on top, but he also discovered a passion and a talent for SEO and digital marketing. After teaming up with skilled and proficient content writers and networkers,  The BOSS-SEO became a source for search engine optimization and digital content marketing for Utah businesses and business all around the U.S.

The best part was still to come, however, because once Jason’s interest in drones developed, it quickly became both a personal passion and a business endeavor to last.

“My passion for drones began as a casual interest, but it didn't take long for it to become a big part of my life, both as an incredibly fun hobby and also as a real asset to my businesses and a new branch to my artwork.

The combination of its potential for learning new skills, expanding art, utilizing technology, and constant growth and development is what feeds the soul of an artist, an entrepreneur, a technology enthusiast, a scientist, and a geek like me.”

Questions?  We’ll answer promptly, so you’re not left hanging. Give us a call, send us an email, or submit a request today!

Drones Etc. has worked closely with the Huffington Post and Arianna Huffington to create one of the best user and online experiences in the industry.  Time magazine, among many others, has featured Drones Etc. as the best place to buy your drone Online or Offline. Drones Etc. has become known in the UAS community as the go-to place to buy a drone online, to repair your drone and to find the best solution for your aerial photography needs.  We have worked with the agricultural field, the mining and surveying field, police, swat, fire, search and rescue, emergency aid, professional photography and cinematography and many other fields.