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Drones Etc and Affirm Financing for Drones

By being completely transparent and honest with customers Affirm is aimed at bringing simplicity, transparency and fair pricing to consumer credits. Affirm uses modern technology to re-imagine and re-build the core components of the financial infrastructure that improves the lives of everyday consumers. It also gives you the benefits of less expensive and more transparent financial products.

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Affirm has been exclusively designed to offer you easy financing options without the annoyance of any hidden costs. Say goodbye to those hidden gimmicks like deferred interest and hidden fees. With Affirm on your side, the total amount you pay at checkout is always the total you see on the products listing.


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How to use Our Drone Financing at Checkout

Quick Application with Affirm and Drones Etc.

Choose Affirm as your payment option, provide your shipping details & enter your personal information. Affirm will provide a real-time loan decision. Select your preferred payment terms and confirm your loan.

DJI Drone Financing with Affirm

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Confirm your order details and you are all set; your order has been placed! After checkout is complete we will process and ship your products right to your door.

Pay Over Time

With Affirm you can get your order right away and split your purchase into multiple payments to pay back over time. Choose the payment schedule that works best for you - 3, 6 or 12 month financing with rates from 10-30% APR. When you finance with Affirm you see the approved loan amount, interest rate, total interest you will pay, and the number of months that you have to pay off your loan all before signing up. 

Listed below are a few simple, yet valid reasons for you to choose Affirm for a happier shopping experience.


To get started in using Affirm is quick and easy by visiting any store that accepts Affirm. Once you have entered a few required information, you are all set to go for a worry-free shopping experience.


Your Affirm account is safely secured from prying eyes since there is no card number to steal and Affirm makes it even more safer by connecting directly to the online stores.


You might be surprised to notice the non-existence of any hidden fees while you are checking out with the chosen product. Affirm ensures its customer to have a worry-free shopping experience by removing the concept of hidden fees out of the equation completely.


Affirm gives you the option to choose a loan that fits your budget ensuring you a steady progress as the months go by. At the end of the loan, you are free and clear.

Once you have done your shopping with one of the many stores that accepts Affirm, your shipment is immediately processed avoiding further delays. Affirm reminds you of the monthly payments prior to the due date and ensures that you do not miss out on your payments. You can easily and safely make your payments via debit card, bank transfers or a personal check as per your convenience.