Could owning an Aerial HD Photography Drone actually increase your amount of listed and sold homes?  Our Realtor-Customers are saying "Yes!".  See below to read what a few of our happy Realtors have to say and some great aerial home shots they have taken. Contact us today for exclusive store discounts for a limited time only!


"Wow the photos and videos were taken live while flying right on my smartphone.  It was so much easier than I thought and has been so useful.  You guys deserve a big round of applause for making my job so much easier.  Thanks again."

- Brett Jeffries (Colorado)

"I purchased my DJI Vision through last month.  I started flying it above my house within 30 minutes of receiving it in the mail.  I quickly realized how easy it was to use and how advantageous it was going to be in marketing my listings.  Since I had a listing appointment the next day I decided to try it out.  Before knocking on the door (with the owners permission) I took about 12 aerial shots of her house and a 2 minute aerial video.  She was amazed and gave me the listing about 10 minutes later.  I'm not saying that I got the listing only because of the aerial shots I took.  But I am saying it was a BIG attention getter and it gave me the competitive advantage against the 3 or so other Realtors making presentations.  I highly recommend the DJI Vision.  It has been super easy to use and downloads all photos and video directly to my iphone."

- Brandon Burgess (Florida) 

"Hey Guys.  I love the purchase and have been using it non stop for all of my listings.  It's funny how impressed people are that I come to the listing presentation with photos and video already in hand of their home.  I'm so stoked on this for sure!"

- Jeremy Druss (California) 

"My wife and I just wanted to say GRACIAS for all the support and help in getting us started.  All the brokers in our office have been using our Vision to take pics and vids for their clients.  You've been a real help answering all of our questions.  We appreciated the great deal you gave us and (as you know) we have already referred you several Realtors in our office.  We can't wait to see what other products you come out with!"

- Gerald and Ana Gomez (Arizona) 









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