Rental and Shipping Agreement

Drones Etc Rental Agreement

●  This Rental agreement between Drones Etc and the Renter will be in force as soon as Drones Etc confirms the order and payment. (This includes rental and deposit)

●  A deposit will be required of the Renter. The deposit will be held by Drones Etc until the leased equipment is returned in good condition. The deposit may be used to cover damages to the equipment incurred during the rental period.

●  The Renter will be responsible for all or any damage that occurred while in the renter’s possession.

●  If the rented equipment is not returned or is damaged beyond repair, customer will be billed full retail value of the equipment.

●  The Renter shall return the equipment in the same order and packaging method as it was received. The renter is responsible for missing packaging and equipment damage or loss.

●  Drones Etc will not be liable to the Renter for damages resulting from any defect or deficiencies in accepted items.

●  The renter is responsible for knowing the correct information on drone operation, and the laws applicable to drone operation where the Renter is using the drone.

●  The renter is notified not to fly the drone in rain or allow it to get wet as this may cause damage for which the Renter will be responsible.

●  Rental period starts the day the drone is picked up or signed/delivered. The drone needs to be returned or shipped the last day of the rental period, during “Drones Etc” business hours. Business hours are as follows Monday through Friday 9 AM to 5 PM

●  If the drone rental is not returned on time the Renter will be charged in the amount of the daily rental rate for the additional days. The Renter may add additional days to the rental agreement, when approval from Drones Etc is obtained.

●  Any pictures or video footage or other file left on the micro SD card will become property of Drones Etc.

●  Drones Etc, and it’s owner, or it’s affiliates are not responsible or liable for any laws broken, fines or penalties incurred, accidents, damage to person or property, invasion of privacy, sabotage, or damage to the leased equipment whether unintentional or intentional by the renter or any other mishap that may occur when The renter is using the drone, including drone malfunction out of control of the user the ‘Renter’ accepts full responsibility for damage to people or property including themselves and the rented equipment and for operating the drone in a safe manner.

●  The renter is aware that the drone has fast spinning rotors, is a flying object, and can be dangerous.

●  The renter is required to be familiar with all federal, state, and local laws that may be applicable to any drone usage.

●  The renter must be 21 years of age or older.

●  Renter must be registered with the FAA for flying a unmanned aircraft (Registration can be done online at

●  The renter shall not alter or attempt to repair any of the drone rental equipment.

●  The renter shall return the leased equipment in accordance with the terms of this lease with all equipment accounted for and in good working condition, normal wear and tear excepted.

●  Drones Etc will do a complete check list before the equipment is picked up and after the equipment is dropped off.

●  If you have any issues notify Drones Etc immediately.



●  The rental period begins the day the drone is signed and delivered.

●  All drones have “signature required” to ensure delivery.

●  Renter is responsible for watching the tracking information and ensuring that they are at the delivery address to sign for the drone.

●  Normal shipping is 3­-5 business days (Expedited shipping is available on request)

●  If there is any damage to the drone or other equipment, renter is to contact Drones Etc. within 2 hours of the damage, otherwise damage will be assumed by renter.

●  A return shipping label will be included in the shipment. Renter is to return the drone and equipment in the same manner as received.

●  Drone must be shipped back by the end of the last rental day, otherwise the renter will be charged an extra day of rental.

●  Customer will be required to pay for shipping in both directions, which will be charged to your final invoice.

●  A checklist and test will be done by Drones Etc. before and after a rental period. 

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