Repairs and Service

Staffed with dedicated drone veterans, mechanical, and electrical engineers, our technicians and experts will work to get your drone back in the air quickly as well as provide consultation and advice along the way.

During every step of the repair process, you're in control. Before any repairs start, you'll receive a timely and accurate repair estimate, throughout the repair process our system is updated in real-time and you can check the status of your repair anytime. To get started with your repair just fill in the form below. and pay the $99.00 diagnostic fee  HERE


1. Check-in

From day one, the repair process starts.  Your drone is checked in providing you an online status update.  Additionally, your equipment is inventoried, tagged and is assigned to a drone technician.

2. Diagnosis

Any issues with you drone system is quickly identified by our team of experts. Using the latest tools and techniques, the best and most cost effective plan is laid out.

3. Consultation

Before any repairs are commenced, you get a phone call or email. You will be provided with an accurate, no-obligation estimate and options. You can also log-in at anytime to check the status of your repair including any associated costs.

4. Repair 
With your permission, the assigned tech starts the repair immediately. When repairs are finished, each repair step is double checked and certified. 

5. Flight Test
Your system is flight tested for factory specified performance.  Your drone will be test flown by the same technician who performed the repairs.

6. Return Shipment

Your drone system will be shipped via UPS or FedEx at published rates and no handling charges.  You'll get a confirmation email from us as well as tracking information.

We're here for you!
Should you need any assistance after receiving your repaired drone, we'll be happy to answer any follow up questions and provide technical support. Fill out the form below to begin your repair process. After completing the form you will be emailed instructions on where to send your drone. Thank you!