Product Description

  • Almost everything you need in your kit
  • Light weight with no negative effect on gimbal
  • Include UV/ND4/ND8X2PCS /ND16/ND32/CPLX2PCS/ND8-CPL/ND16-CPL/ND32-CPL/GREY GRAD/BLUE GRAD/ORANGE GRAD, Lens Cleaner , Protective case
  • Protect & suitable for Blade Chroma 4K / Typhoon Q500-4K / Typhoon H / CGO3 / CGO3+

    Product Information

    * Freewell UV Filter (2 Grams) The sun's emission of UV rays is significantly bad for your camera lens. Freewell UV filter is designed to absorb almost all range of UV rays to give clearer and sharper pictures with less haze. It also functions as protective layer that shields the lens from dirt, dust and scratches.  

    Freewell ND Filter (2 Grams) are constructed to reduce the light hitting the sensor , which slow down the camera's shutter speed. This creates a more natural looking motion blur that smooth out footage & helps reduce the appearance of "jello" effect from the camera's rolling shutter. The ND Filters can also be used for reducing lens flare while shooting into sun and for toning down highlights while filming outdoors.  

    ND4 (2 Grams): Cuts light by 2 stops (For cloudy day)

    ND8 (2 Grams): : Cuts light by 3 stops (For normal sunny day)

    ND16 (2 Grams): : Cuts light by 4 stops (For sunny day) 

    ND32 (2 Grams): Cuts light by 5 stops (for very bright sunny day)  

    * Freewell Circular Polarizer Filter (CP) (9 Grams) helps to remove unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as water or glass from the sun. It also provides colour and contrast enhancement by reducing glare of water or the sky. 

    * Freewell HYBRID Multicoated ND/PL filter are constructed to reduce light hitting the sensor , Which slows down the stacking filters could be a hassle sometimes. Besides, the filters can cause vignette . The ND/Polarizer Hybrid Filter is a 2 in 1 tool that allows you to take stunning footage without the extra packing & risk of the footage being spoiled. 

    ND8/CPL (9 Grams): Cuts light by 3 stops (For normal sunny day)

    ND16/CPL (9 Grams): Cuts light by 4 stops (For bright sunny day)

    ND32/CPL(9 Grams) : Cuts light by 5 stops (For super bright sunny day)


    * Grad filter: Great Images should not be limited to post-editing software. Freewell has come out with 3 different gradual filters for you to achieve dramatic & creative effects . Each of the filters features a coloured half that adds colour to a portion of the image. while the clear half maintains a neutral color balance. 

    Grey Grad (9 Gram) primarily used for light reduction in skylines of landscape shots. 

    Orange Grad (9 Gram) for normal evening to color the sky, You could use an ND grad to hold back the sky area, allowing the land to be lighter & more color saturated.  

    Blue Grad (9 Gram) create a realistic cooling blue effect , It enhances the blue of water & skies & is a vital tool in your landscape photography.

    * Freewell Lens cleaner which comes free included in your kit to make sure that you get great pictures & video keeping your lens clean from dust , finger prints & oil marks before you fly.

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    If you contact DJI for support, please have available the following information:

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    • Date of purchase
    • Dealer name
    • Description of fault
    • Photo or Video of fault, if applicable
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    Drones Etc.

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    We're here to help! If you have any questions regarding our products, an order you placed, or anything else drone related please send us an email via the contact form on the right of this page. 

    You can also reach us by phone at 800-398-2729 Mon-Fri from 9AM-5PM MST.

    Drones Etc.

    PO BOX 581094

    SLC, UT 84158

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