Drone Labels


Drone Registration + Certificate Card Bundle (For Commercial Pilots)


Drone Registration + Certificate Card Bundle

Every pilot who flies a drone over .55 lbs is now required by law to do three things:

  1. Register as a drone pilot with the FAA
  2. Label their drones with their FAA registration number
  3. Carry proof of FAA registration while flying

Failure to do these could result in criminal penalties and up to a $27,500 fine.

This package takes care of registration & labeling for you:

  • We can no longer register you with the FAA.  Please go to  https://registermyuas.faa.gov/
  • We send you a durable, high quality plastic wallet card with your FAA Registration Certificate printed on it.


** Please note some additional information will be required for registration and will be requested via email post purchase.  Company name, mfg of drone, model # of drone, serial # of drone, nickname for drone if owning multiple drones