NDVI Phantom 4 Camera Unit



The NDVI Camera Unit is a custom NDVI camera for the Phantom 4 platforms. Upgrade your current platform into an NDVI scouting device instantly by simply switching out the standard Phantom 4 Camera and Gimbal Unit with the modified NDVI camera for the Phantom 4.

The NDVI Camera Unit for the Phantom 4 uses the original Sony EXMOR 1/2.3" CMOS sensor and image capturing hardware from the Phantom 4 camera. The original camera has been modified to filter solely Red + NIR waves in an effort to maximize capability for a broad range of agricultural uses. Dualband NDVI imaging gives you many of the same benefits of multispectral imaging without the need for large and expensive equipment.

The NDVI filter captures reflected Near Infrared Light and Red Light that is mostly absorbed by plants. By post-processing the captured images you can apply a color gradient that shows the contrast between regions of healthy and non-healthy vegetation. The Infrared light will show up in the camera's blue channel and the Red light will show up in the red channel, making it very easy to separate and process for NDVI.