Soft Bag for DJI Phantom 3 with Prop Guards


HPRC DROLG PHA3-BAGLG is an innovative soft case with water cut foam custom interior that perfectly carries drones DJI Phantom 3 Professional/Advanced without having to remove props and prop guards.

Handy and super light HPRC DROLG PHA3-BAGLG can be used both as a case, thanks to the upper handle, or as a backpack, pulling the straps which are concealed under a flap on the back side.

The bag features a padded lid for enhanced protection, and additional side pockets with double zipper to store cables or other accessories. It is made ofwear resistant polyester, and holds:

– Phantom 3 Professional/Advanced
– Spare Battery
– Cables
– Tools
– Small Accessories
– Battery Charger
– 6 × Spare Props
– Kit of Spare Prop Guards
– Controller